7 Best Affiliate Marketing Books (Must Read)

The global books industry has been valued at $140.85 billion in 2022 and is still growing. There are tons of books and courses on affiliate marketing but how do you know which one is for you and which is not?

In this post, you will explore, the seven best affiliate marketing books, the summary of those books, and what will learn from those books.

Best Affiliate Marketing Books

Here is the list of the seven best books written on Affiliate Marketing.

Affiliate Marketing For Dummies

Affiliate Marketing for Dummies was written by Paul Mladjenovic and Ted Sudol in 2019.

This book is a valuable resource for people who want to navigate affiliate marketing. It aims to discover the process of affiliate marketing with practical insight and also provide readers with the essential tools they would need in their affiliate marketing journey.

The book starts with a clear and concise overview of affiliate marketing, including the role of merchant, affiliate, and customer in affiliate marketing.

The authors also explain how affiliate marketing works and other essential topics.

What Will You Learn?

Here is what you will learn from Affiliate Marketing for Dummies.

You will learn the basics of affiliate marketing.

How to choose a profitable niche that is relevant to your target audience and your interest.

Learn how to create a website.

You will learn effective promotional techniques such as email marketing, SEO, and many more.

How to create high-quality content.

How to encourage your audience to click on affiliate links and much more.

Evergreen Affiliate Marketing

Evergreen Affiliate Marketing was written by McCallister in 2021.

This book is known for its practical insight and strategies that will help affiliates build a sustainable and profitable affiliate marketing business.

It is a valuable resource for both beginners and professionals because this book focuses on evergreen principles that stand the test of time.

The book begins by explaining the fundamental concept of affiliate marketing. After that, the author leads the reader to an organized approach to how to build an evergreen affiliate marketing business.

Instead of focusing on trends Evergreen focuses on strategies that are designed to withstand changes in algorithms, consumer behavior, and market dynamics

What Will You Learn?

Here is what you will learn from Evergreen Affiliate Marketing.

You will learn the importance of high-quality evergreen content and how to create high-quality quality engaging evergreen content.

The author also explains choosing a profitable and sustainable niche by considering factors such as market demand and competition.

Effective promotional techniques that go beyond the traditional techniques.

Copywriting tips to engage and retain the audience.

This book also focuses on the mindset.

From Nothing

From Nothing was written by Ian Pribyl in 2019.

This book explains to the readers how they can start an affiliate marketing business under $100.

It also provides the reader with the necessary tools and knowledge that are required to start affiliate marketing.

The book starts by explaining affiliate marketing and its potential for generating passive income.

The author takes the reader on a step-by-step journey about affiliate marketing strategies starting from advanced and then progressing towards advanced.

What Will You Learn?

Here is what you will learn from From Nothing.

Fundamental concept of affiliate marketing for beginners

Learn to choose the right niche based on market trends, personal interest, and profitability.

How to create a website and maximize its impact.

Various methods to drive traffic to your affiliate site.

You will learn how to translate the traffic you generate into sales and much more.

The 1-Page Marketing Plan

The 1-Page Marketing Plan was written by Allan Dib in 2016.

It is a comprehensive guide of 234 pages that simplifies the complex task of creating a marketing strategy into a simple and manageable one.

This book is known for its effective marketing strategies for businesses of all sizes. It encourages the reader to write down their plans on a single paper for better implementation.

This book is divided into nine parts each addressing an important aspect of marketing strategy.

The authors cover everything from defining a unique selling proposition to setting up realistic goals.

What Will You Learn

Here is what you will learn from The 1-Page Marketing Plan.

You will learn the importance of focus, clarity, and efficiency in marketing

By the end of the book, you will have an actionable plan that you can implement immediately.

The importance of target audience.

You will learn how to create an affiliate marketing campaign on a tight budget.

You will learn how to crush competition.


Launch was written by Jeff Walker in 2014.

This book is a must-read for marketers and entrepreneurs who are aiming to launch a product. The author has shared his proven strategies and tactics to execute a successful product launch.

This book takes the reader on a step-by-step guide to the process of planning, executing, and optimizing a product launch.

The author has introduced a product launch formula which he has developed from years of experience. It includes storytelling, psychological triggers, and effective communication to build an expectation and excitement around your products.

The book has three phases for a successful product launch.

Pre-Launch: The author explains the importance of building a connection with the audience before the launch of the product.

Launch: The author provides a detailed path for the launch day. Explaining the elements such as timing, messaging, storytelling, and the use of social proof.

Post Launch: In the post-launch, the author explains to the reader how to maintain momentum and capitalize on the success achieved in the launch.

What Will You Learn?

Here is what you will learn from Launch.

You will learn how to launch a product successfully.

You will learn how to carefully plan every aspect of the launch.

Explore the art of storytelling.

Learning about the psychological principles behind effective marketing.

How to use psychological principles to your advantage.

The author shares his expertise in leveraging email marketing.

Traffic Secret

Traffic Secret is the third book in the Secrets Trilogy written by Russell Brunson in 2020.

Russell Brunson is the co-founder of ClickFunnels. ClickFunels is used for creating a sales funnel and landing page to generate sales and leads.

The books explained to marketers how to become the master of generating online traffic.

It also explains the secret behind acquiring, converting, and maintaining an online audience.

It addresses the complexities and challenges of acquiring and maintaining a consistent flow of online traffic.

The book starts by emphasizing the importance of the target audience and talks about the practical strategies for driving traffic to your online platform.

The book focuses on creating a sales funnel that will attract visitors and will convert them into customers. It provides readers with practical insight to enhance their online presence.

What Will You Learn

Here is what you will learn from Traffic Secret.

You will learn how to drive traffic to your online platform.

You will learn how to maintain your online traffic.

Learn the techniques for creating a sales funnel that will convert visitors into customers.

Practical insight to enhance your online presence and much more.

Affiliate Marketing Secrets

Affiliate Marketing Secrets was written by Stephen Hockman in 2020.

This book focuses on the content strategies of affiliate marketing and unlocks the secrets of how to write compelling and engaging content that will convert traffic into customers.

The author from his extensive experience as an affiliate marketer provides a combination of strategic framework and practical tips to encourage readers.

The book is set up to accommodate both beginners and seasoned affiliates, it provides a path to build a sustainable and profitable affiliate marketing business.

What Will You Learn?

Here is what you learn from Affiliate Marketing Secrets.

You will learn how to write compelling and engaging content that will convert traffic into customers.

Learn the importance of choosing the right niche.

Understand the basics of Search Engine Optimization.

Strategies to build trust and credibility with the audience and much more.

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