12 Best Soccer Podcasts To Listen To in 2024

If you’re a soccer enthusiast looking for insightful analysis, engaging discussions, and a deep dive into the beautiful game. You’ve come to the right place.

In this article, we will explore the best soccer podcasts. We will go on a journey through the highs and lows of the sport. Exploring tactical nuances, player interviews, and the latest happenings in the soccer universe.

Best Soccer Podcasts

Here is the list of the best soccer podcasts that every soccer fan must follow and listen to.

  • The Football Ramble
  • Men in Blazers
  • Total Soccer Show
  • The Guardian Football Weekly
  • The Athletic Tifo Football Podcast
  • Caught Offside
  • The Anfield Wrap
  • The Spanish Football Podcast
  • The 2 Robbies Football Show
  • Talking Fussball
  • The Scuffed Soccer Podcast
  • Planet Fútbol with Grant Wahl

The Football Ramble

The Football Ramble” is skillfully hosted by Luke Moore, Pete Donaldson, Marcus Speller, and Jim Campbell. This dynamic quartet brings a perfect blend of humor, camaraderie, and football expertise to the podcast. They make each episode an engaging and entertaining experience for soccer enthusiasts. Their unique chemistry and love for the game shine throughout the podcast. They create a welcoming space for listeners to enjoy insightful discussions and a deep dive into the world of football. Join Luke, Pete, Marcus, and Jim as they navigate the twists and turns of the beautiful game with passion and a touch of humor.

Men in Blazers

Men in Blazers” is hosted by the dynamic duo of Roger Bennett and Michael Davies. With their distinctive British charm, these hosts bring a fresh and humorous perspective to the world of soccer. Known for their entertaining take on the beautiful game, Bennett and Davies explore not only the on-field action but also the culture, stories, and characters that make football a global phenomenon. Whether you’re a die-hard fan or a casual observer, “Men in Blazers” offers a delightful blend of insight and laughter, making it a must-listen for anyone looking to stay informed and entertained in the soccer world. Join Roger and Michael as they navigate the highs and lows of football with their unique flair and infectious enthusiasm.

Total Soccer Show

The Total Soccer Show” is expertly hosted by Taylor Rockwell. This podcast stands out for its in-depth analysis, tactical breakdowns, and genuine love for the sport. Taylor creates a welcoming atmosphere for listeners as they explore various aspects of soccer, from discussing the latest matches to providing insightful commentary on player performances. With a focus on both domestic and international football, “The Total Soccer Show” ensures a well-rounded perspective, making it an essential listen for fans seeking a deeper understanding of the beautiful game. Tune in for a comprehensive and engaging journey through the world of soccer with these knowledgeable and passionate hosts.

The Guardian Football Weekly

The Guardian Football Weekly” is brought to you by a team of knowledgeable and entertaining hosts. It includes Max Rushden, Barry Glendenning, Lars Sivertsen, and expert guests. Known for its insightful analysis, this podcast provides a comprehensive overview of the latest football news, match results, and topical discussions from around the globe. With a blend of humor and football expertise, the hosts engage listeners in lively conversations, making “The Guardian Football Weekly” a favorite among soccer enthusiasts. Stay informed and entertained with this podcast’s unique take on the beautiful game and its ability to capture the essence of football culture.

The Athletic Tifo Football Podcast

The Athletic Tifo Football Podcast” is hosted by Joe Devine and Alex Stewart. This podcast offers a thoughtful and analytical exploration of the intricate aspects of football. This podcast delves into tactical insights, player performances, and broader football-related discussions. Joe and Alex’s deep understanding of the game combined with their engaging presentation makes this podcast a go-to source for those looking to enhance their understanding of football’s tactical nuances. Whether you’re a coach, player, or a passionate fan. “The Athletic Tifo Football Podcast” provides a rich and informative dive into the strategic side of the beautiful game.

Caught Offside

Caught Offside” is a soccer podcast hosted by JJ Devaney and Andrew Gundling. This podcast delivers a delightful mix of humor, banter, and insightful commentary. They are known for their engaging discussions on the latest football news, matches, and controversies. JJ and Andrew also provide a fan-centric perspective that resonates with listeners. If you’re a fervent supporter or a casual observer, “Caught Offside” offers a lighthearted yet informative take on the world of soccer. Tune in for entertaining conversations, witty insights, and a dose of passionate football analysis as the hosts navigate the twists and turns of the beautiful game.

The Anfield Wrap

The Anfield Wrap” is your ultimate destination for in-depth and passionate discussions about Liverpool FC. Hosted by a dedicated team of Liverpool enthusiasts, including Neil Atkinson and a roster of knowledgeable contributors. This podcast offers comprehensive coverage of everything related to the Reds. From match reviews and tactical analyses to interviews with players and managers. “The Anfield Wrap” immerses listeners in the world of Liverpool football. The hosts’ genuine love for the club and engaging conversations make this podcast a must-listen for Liverpool fans looking to stay connected with the latest news, opinions, and stories surrounding their beloved team. Join the passionate community at “The Anfield Wrap” for a ride through the highs and lows of being a Liverpool supporter

The Spanish Football Podcast

The Spanish Football Podcast” is your passport to the vibrant world of Spanish football. Hosted by Sid Lowe and Phil Kitromilides. This podcast provides a comprehensive and entertaining look at La Liga. It features insightful analysis, match reviews, and discussions about the Spanish football landscape. Sid and Phil’s deep knowledge of Spanish football, coupled with their witty banter, creates an engaging listening experience for football enthusiasts. Whether you’re a fan of Real Madrid, Barcelona, or any other La Liga team. “The Spanish Football Podcast” offers a front-row seat to the drama, excitement, and unique stories that define Spanish football. Tune in to stay updated on all things La Liga with these experienced and entertaining hosts.

The 2 Robbies

The 2 Robbies” is your go-to podcast for Premier League insights. Hosted by NBC Sports analysts Robbie Earle and Robbie Mustoe. With their extensive football knowledge and experience, the two Robbies provide expert analysis, match reviews, and tactical discussions. Whether you’re a fan of Manchester United, Arsenal, or any other Premier League club. This podcast keeps you in the loop with the latest happenings in English football. Join Robbie Earle and Robbie Mustoe as they break down key moments, interview special guests, and offer their unique perspectives on the beautiful game. For a comprehensive look at the Premier League, “The 2 Robbies Football Show” is a must-listen for football enthusiasts.

Talking Fussball

Talking Fussball” is your gateway to all things Bundesliga, hosted by an expert team of football enthusiasts. Featuring in-depth analysis, match previews, and reviews, this podcast is a must-listen for fans of German football. The hosts, include James Thorogood and a knowledgeable panel. They bring a wealth of insight and passion to discussions about the Bundesliga. From Bayern Munich to Borussia Dortmund and beyond, “Talking Fussball” covers the highs and lows of Germany’s top football league. Join the conversation as the hosts dissect matches, discuss player performances, and provide a comprehensive overview of the Bundesliga’s captivating footballing landscape. If you’re a Bundesliga fan or simply curious about German football, this podcast has you covered.

The Scuffed Soccer Podcast

The Scuffed Soccer Podcast” is your source for insightful and in-depth coverage of American soccer. Hosted by Adam Belz and Greg Velasquez. This podcast delves into the intricacies of the U.S. soccer landscape. It covers everything from Major League Soccer (MLS) to the national teams and beyond. With a focus on player development, tactical analysis, and the broader soccer culture in the United States. “The Scuffed Soccer Podcast” provides a platform for thoughtful discussions about the growth and evolution of the sport in the country. Join Greg and his guests as they navigate the complexities of American soccer. They offer valuable perspectives and analysis for fans and followers of the beautiful game on American soil.

Planet Fútbol with Grant Wahl

Planet Fútbol with Grant Wahl” is your ticket to a global soccer journey. Hosted by renowned sports journalists Grant Wahl and Luis Miguel Echegaray. This podcast takes you beyond borders, offering a comprehensive view of the football world with a focus on international competitions, players, and stories. Grant’s extensive network within the soccer community ensures exclusive interviews with some of the biggest names in the sport. Whether you’re interested in European leagues, South American football, or the global soccer landscape, “Planet Fútbol” provides thoughtful analysis, captivating stories, and insider perspectives.


As the final whistle blows on our exploration of the best soccer podcasts. These audio companions are more than just a source of information. They’re a passionate celebration of the beautiful game.

From the witty banter of “Men in Blazers” to the tactical insights of “The Athletic’s Tifo Football Podcast” and the global perspectives of “Planet Fútbol”. Each podcast brings a unique flavor to the world of soccer content.

Whether you’re a fan of Premier League giants, La Liga drama, or Bundesliga excitement there’s a podcast that is adjusted for your footballing palate. These shows not only keep you updated on the latest matches and breaking news but also provide a deeper connection to the culture, stories, and personalities that make soccer a global phenomenon.

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