How To Start A Podcast On YouTube (2023)

You should start a podcast on youtube because youtube holds the largest number of podcast listeners even more than Spotify and Apple.

Youtube has 24.2% listeners while Spotify has 23.8% and Apple is in third place with 16%. This means 24.2% of people listen to podcasts on youtube, well that’s a lot of listeners.

What is a podcast on youtube?

A podcast uploaded to youtube is known as a podcast on youtube but podcasts on youtube must be in video format. On youtube, a Podcast is a playlist, and podcast episodes are videos in that playlist.

In this guide, we will go through the step-by-step process on:

  • How to start a podcast on youtube.
  • Essential equipment to start a podcast on youtube.
  • Benefits of starting a podcast on youtube.
  • How to make your podcast looks professional.

How to start a podcast on YouTube

Starting a podcast on youtube is quite simple here is the basic to follow when starting a podcast on youtube.

Create a Youtube channel

Go to youtube and create a channel if don’t have one, because it is the first step of starting a podcast on youtube without a channel you cannot upload your podcast episode.

For creating a youtube channel you need a Google account.

After creating a Google account go to Youtube and click on the circle (Your account logo) in the top right corner of your screen and then click on “Create a channel”. After that name, your channel reflects your podcast, and you are ready to upload your first episode.

When you create your youtube channel then you need a logo and a banner image for your channel. These two pictures should represent your podcast.

You can create these pictures on Canva. The recommended dimension for the youtube logo is 98 x 98 pixels whereas the banner image is 2048 x 1152 pixels.

Create high-quality content

Creating high-quality content is important for the success of an online journey, and it is also important in starting a podcast on youtube.

High-quality content will not only make people watch your whole podcast but it will also encourage them to subscribe to your channel without you telling them. If your content is good your viewers will visit your podcast frequently.

Here are some reasons why high-quality content is crucial for the success of your online journey.

Catch the attention of viewers and will encourage them to stay longer on your channel.

It establishes authority in your niche and increases shareability.

YouTube algorithm likes videos that engage the viewer and high-quality content engage the viewer, so it will boost your search engine ranking.

It will make you ahead of the competition even if in the short term you didn’t win but I am sure that in the long term, high-quality content will definitely win.

Upload your episode to YouTube

When you create your first podcast episode upload it to your youtube channel. Uploading your podcast episode to youtube is as easy as pie.

You have a completely new section for the podcast just like shorts. For uploading your podcast to youtube click on “New podcast”

If you have an already existing podcast playlist click on the below option and add your episode to your existing podcast.

Note: On youtube,s podcast is a playlist and episodes are videos in that playlist.

Click on “Create a new podcast” to create a new podcast playlist with its own unique episode.

After clicking on “Create a new podcast” give your podcast a catchy title that matches your podcast.

Write a comprehensive description. This will help listeners to discover your podcast easily and at last select the visibility of your podcast.

Create an attractive thumbnail for your podcast

Create an attractive and catchy thumbnail for your podcast because it is the first thing a person will see. Most people will click on your video just by looking at your thumbnail.

According to youtube, 90% of the top-performing videos on youtube use a custom thumbnail.

How to create an attractive thumbnail?

To create an attractive thumbnail you have to keep it simple, use the typography wisely, highlight the main subject, use contesting color between the subject and background, and ignite curiosity in the thumbnail.

You can create an attractive and professional-looking thumbnail for free in Canva.

Note: The thumbnail for your podcast should be square with a dimension of 1280 x 1280.

Consistency is the key

Consistency is the key to success. If your content is not good but you are consistent in what you are going there is a high chance of you getting successful than a person who is not consistent.

Perfectionism is our greatest enemy. You don’t have to be perfect in order to create a podcast all you need is to start and then consistently upload and make your podcast better every day.

Essential podcast equipment and software

Starting a podcast on YouTube needs some essential equipment and software you’ll need to have. Here is the list of what you will need throughout your journey


It is the first you will need to start your podcasting journey on youtube because youtube only allows video content.

You don’t need to break the bank to buy a camera for podcasts you can start with your webcam many laptops have a built-in webcam.

Tripods and smartphones are also a good combination to start a podcast with. Many smartphones have a good quality built-in camera and tripod to keep your smartphone steady and still all the time.

Investing in a good quality camera is a good idea but if you don’t have enough money to invest in a camera you can start with what you already have and when your podcast grows and start making money then you can invest that to buy a camera.


A microphone is the most important tool in a podcast. Many smartphones and cameras come with a built-in microphone you can also them.

Consider using an external microphone for better audio. An external microphone can bring a significant improvement to your youtube podcast.

Using an external microphone will allow you for hands-free operation. It will help in solo, and interview podcasts.

For an external microphone, you can use a lapel microphone. It is a small microphone that can clip to clothes typically near the collar.

They may not be as good as other microphones but it is a good microphone to start your youtube podcast journey with.


To start a podcast on youtube all you need is video editing software to edit your podcast and thumbnail creation software to create your episode thumbnails.

For video editing software you can use adobe premiere pro which is a paid software but you can also use Capcut which is a free software and is as good as the paid software.

And for creating thumbnails you can use Canva.

The benefits of starting a podcast on youtube

When it comes to the benefits of starting a podcast on youtube then there is not only one but hundreds of benefits of starting a podcast on youtube. Here are the few main benefits of starting a podcast on youtube.

Wide audience reach

Starting a podcast on youtube offers a significant advantage because youtube has a wide audience reach and global accessibility.

Due to youtube’s recommendation and search function, your podcast has a higher chance of being discovered by people interested in relevant topics.

Youtube interactive features like comments and sharing help you stay connected with your audience and promote building a community.

There is also a slight chance that your podcast go viral on youtube leading to gaining visibility and subscriber. You can also drive traffic to your own website.

Brand Building

Build a strong brand identity. Branding can help establish your podcast authority and attract a loyal audience.

YouTube can help you in building a brand because of its visual nature and customizable features.

You can showcase your brand identity in thumbnails, banners, and video styles. Lightning can also help in branding like using the color light which is in your logo.

Use the power of stories to build your brand. Stories can make a great impact on your podcast.

you can tell stories about yourself or other things that relate to your niche. Tell stories about your experience or an incident that happens to you and what you learn from it.

Consistent branding not only improves the visual appeal of your podcast but also establishes your podcast as a recognizable and reliable source of information.

Viewers are more likely to relate your podcast with professionalism and high quality when they see consistent branding.

Make your podcast looks professional

Here are tips to make your podcast looks professional.

Plan your content

Planning is important, according to Warran Buffet “An idiot with a plan can beat a genius without a plan.”

Planning is important in every aspect of life and similarly, it is important in podcasting

Think about an attention-grabbing title and a comprehensive description that match the content of your episode. Also, create an eye-catching thumbnail before you upload your episode.

Create an outline for each episode, and highlight the key points because they will serve as the backbone of your episode.

Time management is important before you start recording calculate the amount of time each segment will take. This will avoid your episodes to be too long or too short.

If you plan to invite guests. Reach out to the guest and schedule the content in advance. Prepare questions and research the topic a bit you want to discuss. This will help in avoiding awkward silences.

Pre Production Work

Pre-production is a phase that occurs before recording begins. It involves preparation and decision-making to ensure a smooth recording and high-quality content. Here are some tips for pre-production work.

Conduct thorough research about the topic which you will be discussing. Gather ideas and insight about the topic and if you are inviting a guest, prepare questions in advance.

Check all your equipment and software before recording to make sure they work accurately. You can also perform a test recording to know of any technical issues before the official recording.


If you are consistent in your work it will definitely make you a professional. Stick to your upload schedule and avoid taking long breaks.

How to monetize a youtube channel

You should complete a specific requirement to monetize a youtube channel. The requirements are.

  • 1,000 Subscribers.
  • 4,000 hours of watch time in 1 year.
  • Follow YouTube policies and guidelines.

When you complete the requirement then apply for the youtube partner program. once accepted you will start making money through ads. To receive payments from your YouTube channel, you’ll need to link it with an AdSense account

There are other ways to monetize your channel.

You can do product reviews in between your podcast and place affiliate links in the description. You can also give them a coupon code for the discount and tell them it will work for the first 100 purchases. This way it will make a sense of emergency and they will not want to miss out on this opportunity.

Turn on channel membership. It is a feature that let your most loyal fan support your show by joining your channel membership for a monthly membership fee and in return you can give them special perks like exclusive episodes, behind-the-scenes, special guest interviews, and much more.


Youtube is a huge platform that has billions of visitors per month and holds the largest number of podcast listeners in the world.

Starting a podcast on youtube is a good choice because on youtube you can grow your podcast in less time compared to your own website.

You can also drive traffic from your youtube channel to your website.

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