Complete Guide to LinkedIn Affiliate Marketing (2023)

LinkedIn is a popular social network platform filled with professionals from all around the world. It stands out to be a professional hub that connects individuals and businesses.

According to LinkedIn, it has over 1 billion users, and over 67 million companies have been listed on it.

In this post, we will explore.

  • What is LinkedIn affiliate marketing?
  • How to start it.
  • Pros and cons.
  • Should you start LinkedIn Affiliate Marketing or not?

What is LinkedIn Affiliate Marketing

LinkedIn affiliate marketing includes using LinkedIn to promote affiliate products or services and earning commission with someone making a purchase.

It has a massive user base but it is not about the massive user base. It is about who these users are. People use TikTok in their free time for entertainment but would never use LinkedIn for that.

The majority of people use LinkedIn for networking and to connect with like-minded people to grow their careers or develop their businesses.

So these people are not going to buy affiliate products like “soccer shoes” or “fishing rods”. You have to promote products that will help them in their career growth or to develop their business.

How to Start LinkedIn Affiliate Marketing

Here is the step-by-step guide on how to start LinkedIn affiliate marketing.

Choose a Niche

Choose a niche based on the intent of people visiting LinkedIn. The majority of people visit LinkedIn to connect with like-minded people and to grow in their careers or develop their businesses.

You can promote products related to business or products that help them grow in their career. You can promote business-related books such as Rich Dad Poor Dad, or software tools that they would need for their business.

When doing LinkedIn affiliate marketing promote B2B products that have high commissions because 44% of LinkedIn users make more than 75,000 USD per year.

When choosing a niche consider the following things.

Are there people searching for this niche?

What is the competition in this niche on LinkedIn?

Are there any reputable affiliate programs in this niche?

Create a Personal Account

There are two types of accounts on LinkedIn i.e. Personal Accounts and Company Pages.

To create a company page first, you need to create a personal account and then you can create a company page.

But don’t create a company page instead create a personal account on LinkedIn for affiliate marketing.

Personal accounts get 37.1 times more engagement rate than company pages.

According to Forrester, the LinkedIn company pages have an engagement rate of 0.054%.

Whereas a decent engagement rate for personal accounts on LinkedIn is 2%

Moreover, on company pages, you cannot send connections, messages, publish articles, and much more

Linked Personal Account vs Business Page

How To Build an Audience on LinkedIn

Start working on building your audience because if you have no audience then it would be hard for you to make a sale.

To build your audience first optimize your profile to give it a professional look because LinkedIn is full of professionals.

Optimize your LinkedIn Profile

Use a high-quality and clear photo and make sure your face is visible.

Create an attractive cover art. Use color and visuals that reflect your niche and showcase your interest.

Write an engaging headline highlighting your expertise, key skills, and current role.

Write a professional summary by telling your professional story. Begin your story with a hook to grab attention and provide an overview of your professional journey. Also, highlight your achievements and experiences that make you stand out from the crowd.

People don’t read they skim, use bullet points in your summary to make it skimmable. Regularly update your profile highlight your newest achievements and be authentic.

Create Valuable content

Create content that will provide value to the audience, understand the pain points of your audience, and address that in your content.

Avoid over-promotion of your affiliate links and instead focus on providing informative and entertaining content.

Choose topics that are relevant to your audience’s interests and are also relevant to the products you will be promoting.

Research popular hashtags in your niche and use them in your content to increase its discoverability. Don’t use more than 2 to 3 relevant hashtags.

Tips to create content

Understand your audience and know the purpose of your content.

Communicate clearly and provide value to your reader.

Write an attractive heading that sparks curiosity in the readers.

Create a hook in the introduction to keep your reader or viewer engaged.

Use visuals and graphics in your content.

Maintain consistent branding, and use the same font, color, and tone in most of your content.

Conduct thorough research on a topic before creating content.

Share stories and your personal experience with products or services to make your content relatable.

Engage in LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn groups are a good place to expand your reach. Share expertise and establish yourself as a valuable contributor to the group.

Join groups that are relevant to your niche and expertise.

Share your insight, and relevant articles in the group. Solve people’s problems in the group by answering their questions and providing them with a solution.

Create your discussion by posting relevant and interesting topics. Encourage the group member to share their opinion on the topic.

Be respectful and professional in your interaction. Avoid spammy behavior and over-promotion

Regularly engage in the groups to build your reputation and increase the visibility of your content.

Run Ads

Ads on LinkedIn can reach your content to a lot more people than the linked organic reach.

But the problem is LinkedIn ads are expensive. LinkedIn’s cost per click is more expensive than Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter combined.

How much does a click cost on each social network
Image Source

Therefore you need to promote high-pay affiliate products to cover the cost spent on ads and make your profit.

Join Affiliate Programs

Once you have created a decent number of followers start joining affiliate programs that are relevant to your niche.

Join the affiliate program by knowing their commission rate, cookie duration, and quality of the product.

Don’t promote poor quality products as it can harm your reputation.

How to Find an Affiliate Program

Here are the ways to find an affiliate program.

Google Search

Search for the affiliate program directly on Google by typing the company name + affiliate program.

Google SERP Bigcommerce affiliate program

Affiliate Network

Affiliate networks like Amazon, ClickBank, and many more are affiliate networks with thousands of affiliate programs.

Company Website

Visit the website of the company you want to become an affiliate of. Then scroll down to the bottom and there you will find the link to their afflit program.


Bloggers have written blogs and have compiled affiliate programs into one place. Simply search “Best (Your Keyword) affiliate programs”.

What Are the Requirements to Join an Affiliate Program

The first requirement is to have an audience. If have no audience the affiliate programs are more likely to reject your offer to join their program.

You need to have a website to promote your affiliate links on or you can also do it on social media.

You need a way to receive payments i.e. bank account or PayPal.

Types of Content You Can Create on LinkedIn

Here are the types of content you can create on LinkedIn.

Text Post

Write text posts clearly and concisely. Write short sentences don’t create a wall of text.

Share concise and impactful insights related to your niche.

Provide quick, short, and actionable tips for an audience that can be implemented easily.

Keep your audience informed about the changes, and trends in your niche.


Create visually appealing images, and use graphics to convey your message.

You can use tools Canva to create images.

Create infographics to convey a complex message in a visually appealing way.

These types of images get more sharing and engagement.


Videos on LinkedIn get 20 times more shares than any other type of content.

Share your personal experience with products.

Create tutorial videos demonstrating specific work using the affiliate products.

Maintain a conversational tone in your videos to connect with your audience.


Write a detailed and comprehensive article on problems people are facing in your niche.

Back up your points with data and examples.

Showcase your expertise by sharing unique perspectives and providing in-depth analysis and actionable takeaways.

Strategically place your affiliate link in places in your articles.

Pros and Cons of LinkedIn Affiliate Marketing

Here are the pros and cons of LinkedIn affiliate marketing.


  • LinkedIn has a professional audience, which makes it ideal for B2B affiliate marketing.
  • It allows you to target a specific audience to ensure that your product reaches the relevant audience.
  • Affiliate can create their online reputation.
  • You can establish trust and credibility with a new audience.
  • You can network with other professionals in your niche.
  • LinkedIn content sharing feature allows you to share content in multiple formats.
  • You can generate leads easily in B2B.


  • LinkedIn Ads are expensive.
  • Limitations regarding promotion content can lead to account suspension.
  • A professional tone may not be suitable for all affiliate products.
  • Limited affiliate programs.
  • Limited organic reach.

Should You Start LinkedIn Affiliate Marketing?

Yes, you should start LinkedIn affiliate marketing in B2B.

If you are thinking of starting LinkedIn affiliate marketing in the B2C then don’t. It is not impossible to start LinkedIn affiliate marketing in B2C but in B2B you will see good returns.

LinkedIn is a popular social network filled with professionals. People use LinkedIn for networking and to connect with like-minded people to grow their careers or develop their businesses.

These people are most likely to buy products that will help them grow in their careers or help them develop their businesses.

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