5 Best Podcast Hosting Sites of 2023 (Top Pick)

Choosing the right podcast hosting platform to start a podcast is important. As we know there are tons of podcast-hosting sites out there and choosing the right one is help you grow your audience. In this guide, We have ranked and reviewed the 5 best podcast hosting sites of 2023.

These platforms offer essential features like storing, distributing, and promoting a podcast to a wider audience. By choosing the right podcast hosting site you gain access to various tools and services that simplify the podcasting process.

Podcasts have exploded in popularity in recent years. The number of podcast listeners in 2023 is about 464 million and the number is predicted to reach 504 million by the end of 2024.

A podcast is a great way to share your knowledge, information, stories, opinion, and discussions online.

What is the Best Podcast Hosting?

Before we dive into the list of best podcast hosting, first let’s learn what is podcast hosting. Podcast hosting is a platform that provides storage, management, and distribution tools for podcasters. These platforms simplify the technical aspect of podcasting and make it easier for podcasters to reach and engage with their audience.

Here is the list of 5 best podcast hosting sites of 2023

  • BuzzSprout
  • Libsyn
  • PodBean
  • Spreaker
  • Transistor


BuzzSprout is best known for its user-friendly interface, automated distribution to significant podcast directories, in-depth analytics, customizable podcast websites, and monetization opportunities.

It is widely known as one of the best podcast-hosting platforms available. It provides a user-friendly experience and therefore is the ideal choice for both beginner and experienced podcasters.

BuzzSprout has been trusted by 100,000 active podcasters.

Benefits of using BuzzSprout.

It is the best podcast hosting site for beginners because it is easy to use. It offers a user-friendly interface that simplifies uploading, managing, and creating podcast episodes. Submitting to podcast directories is also straight forward task.

BuzzSprout has detailed analytics to track metrics like downloads, listeners locations, and more allowing you to make data-driven decisions.

It automatically distributes and promotes your podcast to popular podcast directories like Google Podcast, apple podcast, and more.

Buzzsprout allows you to create a professional online presence and offer a customizable website. You can also embed episodes on your websites

Key Features of BuzzSprout

Image source: BuzzSprout

Episode optimization is one of the key features of BuzzSprout. Buzzsprout assists in the optimization of your podcast episodes. By adding ID3 tags, show notes, chapter markers, and customized episode players.

BuzzSprout provide monetization opportunities to monetize your podcast through affiliate, sponsorships, and more.

Advance podcast statistics to help you understand and grow your audience.

Team collaboration allows multiple team members to contribute to the podcast.


BuzzSprout has both free plans as well a paid plan.

Image source: BuzzSprout
  • Free: Upload 2 hours each month and episode hosted for 90 days
  • $12/month: Upload 3 hours each month, features above in the image.
  • $18/month: Upload 6 hours each month, features above in the image.
  • $24/month: Upload 12 hours each month, features above in the image.

Pros and cons of Buzzsprout


Good for beginners to understand because of its user-friendly interface.

BuzzSprout provides comprehensive analytics for its users which helps in making accurate decisions.

It can easily integrate with popular podcast directories with just a few clicks and will make sure that your podcast reaches a wider audience.

This feature is a game-changer for BuzzSprout. The feature is episode transcription which improves accessibility and boosts SEO.


Lack of advanced customization of experience podcasters.


Libsyn is best for its reliability and feature-rich platform.

It was launched in 2004 and is the oldest podcast-hosting site and it is also known as liberated syndication.

It is a widely used platform in the podcast industry and it is hosting more than 75,000 podcasts globally.

Benefits of using libsyn

The first benefit of Libsyn is that it has reliable hosting. It will make sure that your podcast episodes are always available and ready to be watched without any server issues.

Analytics and statistics are important in podcasts because of that you will start to know your audience. Libsyn’s robust analytics will help you analyze your audience better.

Libsyn makes it easier for you to distribute your podcast on popular podcast directories.

Libsyn allows you to customize your website. You can make it as professional as you want.

Key Features of Libsyn

Image source: Libsyn

Apart from reliable hosting and robust analytics and statistics. Libsyn also provides monetization opportunities such as ads, sponsorships, donations from loyal followers, and premium content for paid subscribers

You can also display your podcast episodes on your own website

You can also display your podcast episodes on your own website with the embedded audio player.

Perfect for podcast networks and numerous podcast projects.

Libsyn also supports multiple shows on one account.

You can easily share your episodes on various social media platforms.

24/7 customer support for an issue or inquiries.


Image source: Libsyn

Libsyn plans and pricing. You can choose from the following plans.

  • $5: 3 hours
  • $15: 6 hours
  • $20: 10 hours
  • $40: 14 hours
  • $75: 27 hours
  • $150: 55 hours

Pros and cons of Libsyn


It is well-trusted and established and had a solid reputation.

Detailed analytics for an informed podcast decision.

Easy to expand reach with Libsyn podcast directories.

Provide multiple monetization opportunities.


No free plan to test out the platform before purchasing a paid plan.


PodBean is best for its user-friendly interface and extensive range of hosting plans.

It provides a variety of tools and resources to assist you in creating, managing, promoting, and monetizing your podcast.

PodBean was first launched in 2006 and has been trusted by more than 680,000 podcasters and millions of listeners worldwide.

Image source: Podbean

Benefits of Podbean

Unlimited Storage, create and publish episodes without worrying about storage.

Comprehensive analytics and insight help you know your audience and you can create your podcast accordingly.

It has a user-friendly interface. Create, manage, promote, and monetize your podcast without any technical expertise.

Key Features of PodBean

PodBean offers customizable website themes.

A mobile app is available for both Android and iPhone.

It provides a built-in social sharing tool that auto-uploads your episode to youtube and also auto-uploads it to social media.

Offer multiple monetization options.

With just a few clicks distribute your podcast episodes to other major podcast directories.


Image source: PodBean
  • Basic: Free, no video podcasts, and 5 hours of total storage space.
  • Unlimited Audio: $9/ month, unlimited storage, and no video podcasts.
  • Unlimited Plus: $29/ month, unlimited storage, video podcasts available.
  • Network: $79/ month, unlimited storage, video podcasts, multiple podcast channels, and live chat support.

Pros and cons of PodBean


Unlimited storage

Comprehensive analytics

Website customization for branding and personalization.


Limited customer support for lower plans


All-in-one podcast hosting platform.

It is best for beginners. It provides an all-in-one solution for your podcasting needs.

The speaker studio tool of Spreaker allows podcasters to edit their episodes within the platform itself.

Key Features of Spreaker

Image source: Spreaker

Spreaker provides a suite of features and tools that eliminates the need for an additional tool or software.

Easy distribution of your episodes to other podcast directories.

Easy sharing of podcast episodes to social media.

Multiple podcast management under a single account.

Spreaker Analytics has been certified by IAB.


  • Free Speech: Free, one podcast, 6 months statistics.
  • Broadcaster: $20/ month, Unlimited podcasts, 1-year statistics.
  • Anchorman: $50/ month, unlimited podcasts and collaborators, full statistics for 1 year, collaboration features.
  • Publisher: $250/ month, all the features of other plans, directly sell and manage your own ads.

Pros and cons of Spreaker


Integrated tool for editing (Spreaker Studio).

Certified analytics.

Comprehensive Production feature


Limited live broadcasting features.

No video podcasting.


Best for beginners.

Transistor was founded by two experienced podcasters. So they must face all the problems that a beginner faces.

It provides an intuitive experience for both content creators and listeners.

Key Features of Transistor

Image source: Transistor

You can create exclusive content for a specific audience.

Automatic website builder.

Unlimited storage and bandwidth

Simple but professional interface.

Easy distribution to major podcast directories

Advance analytics.


Image source: Transistor

It has both monthly and yearly plans but you can also start a free plan only to test the software.

Monthly Plan
  • Starter: $19/ month
  • Professional: $49/ month
  • Business: $99/ month
Yearly Plan
  • Starter: $190/ year (Save $38)
  • Professional: $490/ year (Save $98)
  • Business: $990/ year (Save $198)

Pros and cons of Transistor


Intuitive for both the content creator and the listener.

Unlimited storage

Auto website builder

Private podcasting for subscribers


Lacks video podcasting.

Some advanced features are only limited to high-tier plans.

Wrap up

This is the list of the 5 best podcast hosting platforms to try this year. These platforms also have a free plan.

So before you buy one of their plan you can test the platform by signing up for the free plan.

In the end, the best podcast hosting platform depends on your specific need, budget, and level of expertise.

You can also use coupon codes for a discount on your first-time purchase.

Which podcast hosting site do you use for podcasting? Tell us in the comment.

On your podcast journey, I wish you happiness and success! Happy Podcasting.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Podcast hosting is a platform that provides storage, management, and distribution tools for podcasters.

These platforms simplify the technical aspect of podcasting and make it easier for podcasters to reach and engage with their audience.

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