Twitter Affiliate Marketing: Guide to get started

Twitter currently known as X is a popular social media platform with over 300 million monthly active users. Well, that’s a large user base but the question is should you leverage Twitter and start Twitter affiliate marketing?

In fact, 31.1% of affiliate marketers are already using Twitter for affiliate marketing.

In this post, we will explain:

What is Twitter affiliate marketing?

How to get it started.

Where to put your affiliate links on Twitter and much more.

What is Twitter Affiliate Marketing

Twitter affiliate marketing is promoting an affiliate product or service to your followers and when someone makes a purchase you earn a small commission.

This is the process in every other social media platform and also works the same way as for your website.

How Does Twitter Affiliate Marketing Work

Twitter affiliate marketing works the same way as affiliate marketing i.e. You earn a commission when making a successful sale for an individual or entity you are affiliated with.

You apply for an affiliate program. Upon accapted you get a unique tracking link to track the performance of your affiliate marketing.

You promote that affiliate link ad when someone purchases via your affiliate link you earn a commission.

Guide to Start Twitter Affiliate Marketing

Here is the step by step to start Twitter affiliate marketing.

Select a Niche

Select a niche before you start affiliate marketing on Twitter. Don’t choose multiple niches or too broad niches. Narrow down your niche as possible.

Instead of selecting the niche “Food” go for the niche “easy cook food” or “vegan food”.

Multiple niches or broad niches are good for increasing your revenue but if you are just starting don’t do that because they require a lot of focus and work.

Once you have made yourself an authority in your niche then you can start tapping into other niches.

But I don’t recommend you to start tapping into other niches with the same account. Instead, create a new account and target another narrowed niche.

Target one niche with one account don’t target multiple niches with one account.

This way you will diversify your income and if your one account is not performing well the other will be doing great.

Another reason is that you are doing affiliate marketing on a third-party platform and one change in its algorithm can impact the visibility of your business.

Here are some tips that will help you choose a niche.

Ask a few questions about yourself before choosing a niche.

  • Are there people searching for this niche
  • are there any reputable affiliate programs in this niche
  • what is the competition in this niche

Optimize Your Twitter Profile

Once you have decided on your niche and created your Twitter account now it is time to optimize your Twitter profile.

Optimizing your profile is important because it creates a positive image of your business among your audience. Therefore take your time optimizing it.

Here are some tips that will help you optimize your profile.

Choose a user name that reflects your niche and is easy to remember and write.

Write a compelling bio that is also relevant to your niche. You can also write your achievements in your bio.

Use a picture of yourself in the profile picture and if you have a website you can also put its logo in the profile picture.

Create a cover image for your profile. You can use Canva to create it. The size of the Twitter cover image is 1500 x 500 pixels. While creating your profile cover image make sure you don’t write anything in the profile picture area as it will be visible to the audience.

Last but not least switch your account to a professional account.

To switch your account to a professional account click on the “edit profile” button in your profile.

After that scroll down and click on “Switch to Professional Account

Then write a description for your profile and select a category that best defines your Twitter profile.

Then select your account type, if you want a business or creator account. You can always change it later.

Build Your Audience

Start working on building your audience by creating high-quality content that is relevant to your niche.

Tips to build your audience.

Start tweeting regularly to keep your existing audience engaged and your account active.

Create valuable and problem-solving tweets relevant to your niche. This includes the latest news, tips, and tricks, and share relevant articles.

Find popular content creators in your niche and retweet their content. Click on “Quote“.

Twitter Quote

And then write your quote. It is the answer to the content. You can also add images to it.

Twitter Quote Example

Use trending hashtags in content. don’t use irrelevant hashtags use hashtags that are relevant to your niche and are trending.

Don’t use hashtags try to use no more the 3 hashtags in a post.

Collaborate with other influencers in your niche to tap into their audience.

Join the relevant Twitter chat to engage with your community and expand your reach.

Running Twitter ads is the last option, at first try to build your audience naturally but if that doesn’t work out for your business you can run ads at any time.

Create High-Quality Content

High-quality content is crucial for building your audience. Start creating content on the 80/20 rule.

80% of the content should focus on entertainment, education, and solving problems.

20% of the content should focus on promotion.

Here are tips to create high-quality content

Understand what type of content your audience wants.

Be concise and clear to the point, with limited characters on Twitter every word matters.

Use visual, eye-catching images, and GIFs in your videos to make them stand out of the crowd.

Create infographics and informational images.

Use hashtags to increase the visibility of your content.

Encourage your audience to take a certain action, such as to like the tweet, comment, or visit the website.

Create a Twitter poll to know the opinion of your audience.

Pin important tweets that highlight important announcements.

Monitor analytics to track the performance of your account and use that analytics to adjust new strategies for what works best for your audience.

Join Affiliate Programs

Once you have built your audience start applying for affiliate programs that are relevant to your niche. If the program is relevant to your niche then your audience is more likely to make a purchase.

Before you join any affiliate program consider the following things:

Is the program relevant to your niche?

Check its commission rate and cookie duration.

Check the product quality before promoting it because if you are promoting a bad quality product then after some time our audience will stop purchasing your affiliate products.

How to Find an Affiliate Program?

Google Search

You can affiliate affiliate program by directly searching for it on Google. Simply enter the company name and then add the key affiliate program.

Google SERP Bigcommerce affiliate program

Affiliate Network

Amazon, Clickbank, and much more are affiliate networks containing thousands of affiliate programs.

Company website

Visit the company website of the company you want to become an affiliate of. Scroll to the bottom of the website there will you find its affiliate program link.


Bloggers have compiled affiliate programs in their blogs. Search the keyword “best (target keyword) affiliate programs” in your browser. Remove the “target keyword” word and write your keywords such as cat, dog, etc.

Affiliate Disclosure

Disclose your affiliate relation with the product you are promoting due to FTC regulations you must disclose it.

Write a clear disclaimer in the bio that some of the links are affiliate links.

You can also disclose it separately for every post by simply writing an affiliate link near the affiliate link.

Be honest and genuine and make sure you promote products that you genuinely believe are the best.

Where Can You Put Affiliate Links on Twitter?

There are many places to put your affiliate links on Twitter but first, it is important what Twitter says about affiliate links.

twitter affiliate links policy

“It is fine as long as they are not misleading and you are not spamming them”.

But they will automatically mark certain affiliate links as “harmful”.

Therefore focus on providing value to your audience and use affiliate links in a way that enhances their user experience. Avoid spammy and aggressive promotion.

Profile Bio

The first place you can put affiliate links on Twitter is your profile bio.

But if you are doing affiliate marketing for multiple products then create a website or landing page first and then put all your affiliate links there.

Your website or landing page will act as a bridge between customer and merchant. Customers will first visit your website and then the merchant’s website.

If you don’t want to spend money on creating a website or landing page you can also try Linktree.

Put all your links in Linktree and then put your Linktree URL in your Twitter profile.


You can put your affiliate links directly in your tweets. However, make sure to disclose your relationship with the product.

Use a URL shortening tool to shorten the URL to save characters.

Replies and Retweet

You can also put affiliate links in replies and retweets but make sure the affiliate link is relevant, adds value to the conversation, and can solve the problem of the user.

Twitter Ads

You can put affiliate links in the Twitter ads. However, ensure compliance with Twitter’s advertising policy.

Pros and Cons of Twitter Affiliate Marketing

Here are the pros and cons of Twitter affiliate marketing.


Massive user base of over 300 million monthly active users.

Less competitive for affiliate marketing.

User-friendly interface.

Participating in relevant trending hashtags can increase visibility.


Limited characters.

48% of users intend to visit Twitter to get news.

Overpromotion of affiliate links can lead to account suspension.

Should You Start Twitter Affiliate Marketing?

31.1% of affiliate marketers are using Twitter for affiliate marketing.

But if you ask me I would suggest not starting affiliate marketing on Twitter.

Instead, start affiliate marketing on your website and use Twitter to drive traffic to your website by putting your website URL in your profile bio.

The reason is that the commercial search intent of Twitter is unclear and the majority of people visit Twitter to get news.

Character limitation of 280 characters will make it difficult for you to completely describe the importance of the product.

Twitter will automatically mark any link “harmful” when they feel it is harmful, including affiliate links. This will also make it difficult for you to make a sale.

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